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Because Summa works outside of normal school hours, your mornings are almost always your own. Whether you’re trying to ace the LSAT, have an idea for an app, or trying to write the Great American Novel, Summa loves to hire passionate people who try to make the most of their free time.
Our experience
Vinnie Prabhu
“Vietnam is a quickly developing country so it's a great time to be living here. Ho Chi Minh City in particular is constantly evolving, taking in bits of other cultures - American, Korean, European - yet it still retains Vietnam's own culture of community and togetherness. I don't expect people here will ever replace the habit of chatting with friends at a cafe.”
Brandon Bigler
"I love a lot of things about Vietnam, but the sense of optimism and adventure present in the people here is just infectious. I am inspired to try new things (especially delicious food!), and to get the most out of life every single day. Plus the students in Vietnam are an absolute joy to teach."
Greg Hitz
"I’ve been to a lot of countries, but Vietnam is my favorite. It’s got just about everything. People are open minded and optimistic, the food/coffee/beer is the best in the world. You could spend your whole life traveling only Vietnam and still not see all there is to see."
Vietnam facts
Ho Chi Minh City has claimed the fourth position on the 2018 Expat City Ranking by InterNations, the world’s largest network for people who live and work abroad.
Top expat destination
Electronic exports
While Vietnam is renowned as a coffee exporter. Electronic goods have surpassed coffee as the country’s main export.
Vietnam’s GDP is expected to grow 6.7% this year and has averaged 6.5% annual growth since the year 2000.
Increasing GDP
Vietnam Ranks 5th in the Happy Planet Index Report making strides in sustainably reducing poverty and increasing quality of life for its people. (
Happy country
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