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1560 SAT
"Summa exceeded my expectations. Usually at an outside learning center or class they just teach you the subject. At Summa, there is a friendly atmosphere and teachers not only teach you what you need to know, but they share their experience with you and they tell you what implications the college admissions process has for your future."
Ratul Mangal
British International School
1530 SAT
“I think the best thing about Summa is the team of teachers. I had Vinnie, Jason and Dan in different classes from SAT I, SAT II Subject tests to college essay classes. They all give me personalized attention that I cannot find anywhere else. It really helped because they showed me my strengths and weaknesses, making the whole application so easy and fast that I completed my college app one month early.”
Debby Nguyen
Saigon South International School
1520 SAT
"I've been with Summa since grade 7, for SAT classes, college essay writing and academic tutoring. All of my classes are very personalized to my skills and what I need practice on. Also, the people and teachers here really try to get to know me in person and from that I know myself more at the present. I'm really grateful for that. I just don't think there's any other place I can find such people."
Northwestern University
1520 SAT
"I worked with Summa in SAT, essay classes and tutoring. They helped me find my direction in life, increase my confidence with Math and Writing, more specifically with the essay, they helped me find a voice I can be proud of for the rest of my life. Every teacher at Summa really care for my well-being. I can tell from how the tutors talked to me and constantly checked in with me. They really want me to do well and succeed.”
Sam Koutelli
International School HCMC
"Summa gave me all the resources I needed to excel in the SAT, get into my dream school, and whatever else I set out to achieve. Summa always goes the extra mile for its students and it shows."
Christina Macdonald
UC Berkeley
"At Summa I’ve made friendships with the most supportive people I’ve met, been inspired by all of my teachers and their interesting backgrounds, and laughed till I cried on multiple occasions!"
Haeon Yoon
Williams College
“Summa provided my daughter with the best curriculum and a great support network that goes beyond what anyone else can provide. The bond my daughter has formed with the staff and teachers at Summa have consistently enabled her to achieve her best and still provide her with a support to this day."
Parent of Christina, UC Berkeley
Ms. Chau Phan
"My son experience’s was excellent at Summa. Not only was he guided step-by-step to do very well on the SAT, he also grew to like his teacher because he showed him both his strengths and his shortcomings. They helped Ratul understand what skills to develop and how to spend his time and energy."
Parent of Ratul, BIS
Ms. Swheta
"Summa helped my son Khanh achieve a super high SAT score, thereby giving him a winning edge in his college application and helping him to reach his goal of receiving admission to Johns Hopkins University. Thank you, Summa!"
Parent of Khanh, JHU
Ms. Chau Bui
“Summa really helped both of my boys – not only by enabling them to achieve higher overall SAT scores, but by instilling a disciplined study approach to the test. Their teachers’ knowledge and experience with the SAT is exceptional; they really taught my kids how to “take the test”, a skill essential to SAT success.”
Parent of Ford, University of Virginia
Ms. Lee Baker
"Summa helped strengthen my daughter's confidence, foster her capability to accomplish SAT test, and fine-tune a shortlist of colleges for application based on her advantages. I believe SUMMA is the best choice for students who wish to accomplish their dream of studying in the US."
Parent of Annie, Brown University
Mr. Bach Phan
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